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Our view on research

Since its foundation in 1994, Ergo has conducted research and has advised clients in a wide range of areas. Ergo chooses not to be 'one trick pony'. Although we have a number of specialisations, our expertise can be applied broadly. We believe in versatility and in the positive effect of cross-fertilisation between different research and policy areas within companies and government organisations.

Ergo's strength lies in its ability to quickly grasp (new) marketing and policy issues and to transfer this knowledge into a research approach that is thorough as well as creative.

In doing so, Ergo always maintains the right balance between pragmatism and science. Scientifically valid research is useless without practical applications. In the same breath however, research without the proper scientific foundation will render results, but the question is: what are these results worth. As the saying goes: "garbage-in, garbage-out".

The combination of versatility and specialisation, thoroughness and creativity, pragmatism and science, is what we like to call "research intelligence".

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