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Click & Tell:
user research and web analytics integrated

Ergo has developed its own research method under the name Click & Tell: a fusion of web analytics and market research. Web analytics software records down to the smallest detail what happens on a website: how many visitors there are, how many pages are viewed, from which cities the visitors come and so on. But a very obvious question, namely the question of why, cannot be answered with it!

Not only 'what?', But also 'who?' and why?'
With Click & Tell we record how a visitor moves about a website, and we then interpret this based on what the visitors say about their experiences (are they satisfied, have they found what they were looking for) and about themselves: are they young or are they old, potential customer or job seeker?

Relevant questions at relevant times
The special thing about Click & Tell is that we link the visitor behavior and the responses of the visitors one to one. That way, even if we ask few questions, we still get a wealth of information. In addition, we can respond to a visitor's behavior on the site: viewing certain parts of the site, entering search terms, downloading a document, and so on.

After we had applied this method for a number of clients, including Microsoft Europe, three provinces, and a number of online stores, we won the tender for the first time in 2010 for research into digital communication from the national government, partly thanks to Click & Tell. By forming a combination with Ruigrok Netpanel, Ergo also managed to win this tender in 2014 and 2018.

Public & Communication Service:
"After a European tender, we selected Ergo as a supplier for quantitative research into websites of the Dutch government. What appeals to us about Ergo's product is the link between user feedback and clickstream data. This link is essential for good website research."
Dr. Rob.F. Klaassen, Research Advisor

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